Course Curriculum

We start this self-paced virtual course with a deep dive into soil science and microbiology, and continue with a discussion on sustainability and organic farming techniques.

Although cannabis production largely shifted toward indoor cultivation in soilless media during federal prohibition, there has been a long history of cannabis being grown in soil outdoors and greenhouse/mixed light operations. This class reviews the key components of soil, the key types of soil found on earth, soil microbiology, and the soil food web. Additionally, this class looks at how “living soils” benefit cannabis production and reduce excessive waste in cannabis cultivation.

We then move onto explore sustainability and organic farming. We examine the concepts of “organic” and “sustainable” related to cannabis cultivation. After a brief look into the history and science behind some common principles of organic and sustainable farming, we explore the cannabis industry’s historical reliance on synthetic nutrients and the harmful effects of chemical fertilization for all crops from a soil and ecosystem management perspective. Finally, we discuss the often unsustainable nature of many common inputs used in cannabis cultivation and learn why something organic may not always be sustainable.

About Our Self-Paced Electives

Along with many major institutions, we have refocused our educational services to online and remote learning environments so you don’t need to come to Oaksterdam, OU will come to YOU! This is an excellent way for you to build competency, qualifications, and confidence in your skillset immediately.

The live-classroom is an orchestrated blend of technology designed to provide the best student experience. Students will have access to the online course materials through a sophisticated Learning Management System with Mastery Exercises, Quizzes, and Exams to ensure comprehension.

The live-classroom environment expands upon the asynchronous online programs by also delivering live interactive lectures, demonstrations, and workshops led by our faculty of professional lawyers, cannabis growers, and business owners. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions, break out into working groups, interact with one another, and our Horticulture students can also show the instructors their own garden and plants to receive feedback on their progress!

Our live-environment provides the most comprehensive online cannabis learning experience available anywhere in the world.


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If you are looking to make your cannabis grow more environmentally sustainable, this self-paced virtual course is for you. It may be counterintuitive, but organic practices are not always sustainable. This course examines the concepts “organic” and “sustainable” related to cannabis cultivation and gives you the knowledge you need to make a difference.


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