Puff, Puff, Pass: February Cannabis News

Feb 23, 2023 | Blog, News

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and growing, with new developments happening all the time. Here’s a look at recent industry items in the news:

Twitter Blazes a Trail

Twitter caused a stir when it announced on Feb. 15 that it will allow THC and CBD ads in the U.S. Cannabis companies long known for skirting bans with euphemisms (420), misspellings (#cannabiis), and emojis (🥦) finally have a plant-friendly platform! 

Controlling Cannabinoids

The DEA announced in February that it has classified novel cannabinoids Delta-8 and -9 THCO as controlled substances, even when they are synthesized from legal hemp. The ruling creates more confusion over isolated cannabinoids, which are currently governed by a patchwork of regulations. 

Is ‘Diet Weed’ a Thing?

An interesting article in SFGate describes a flower high in THCV, which has been shown to make consumers feel energetic and reduce their appetite. Still rare, it can be found at relatively high potency in Pink Boost Goddess, grown by Mendocino County’s Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Hit of Hope for Veterans

New federal legislation would require the Veterans Administration to hold clinical trials on using medicinal cannabis to treat chronic pain and PTSD. The Medicinal Cannabis Research Act would be the first large-scale study to explore how cannabis can improve veterans’ quality of life.*

*Oaksterdam has long known how important cannabis is to many veterans. We honor vets with 15% off courses. Email [email protected]

OU Chancellor Named to Hall of Fame

OU Chancellor Dale Sky Jones was named to Cannabis Now’s 2023 Mount Rushmore Hall of Fame, alongside Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, Willie Nelson, and Melissa Etheridge! She is recognized for her work in cannabis policy reform and pioneering the field of cannabis education.

Join the Oaksterdam Alumni Network for discussion on these news topics and more. Open to all, with special content for OU alumni.

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Oaksterdam Interview: Tamika McPhail Helps Build Connecticut Cannabis Equity with reSET

Oaksterdam Interview: Tamika McPhail Helps Build Connecticut Cannabis Equity with reSET

For over 20 years, Tamika McPhail has been a leader in advocacy and cannabis. As the Connecticut State Director for Minorities For Medical Marijuana and a graduate of the Black Cannabis Business Mastermind, she most recently added Program Manager for the Connecticut Social Equity Cannabis Business Accelerator, powered by Oaksterdam University, to her resumé. 

Tamika’s goals are to help social equity licensees successfully open the doors to their cannabis businesses and be a resource to the Connecticut cannabis community. 

We caught up with Tamika to learn more about what brought her to cannabis advocacy and social equity.

The Evolution of Cannabis Consulting with Goose Duarte

The Evolution of Cannabis Consulting with Goose Duarte

Goose Duarte has worked at the forefront of the legal cannabis industry since its emergence in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 2000s. He has helped define the role of a budtender in the world’s pioneering dispensaries. Today he is the director of operations at Oaksterdam University. 

Goose worked in almost every position at Harborside Health Center in Oakland, from inventory, stocking, product displays, check-in and registration, budtender, and management.

Here, he shares Harborside’s six-step consultation and sale process …

Alumni Spotlight: Perry Jones

Alumni Spotlight: Perry Jones

As communities across the country build equity programs into cannabis law, Oaksterdam Alumni Perry Jones shines as a beacon of success.

Perry has gone through San Francisco’s Cannabis Equity Program and is well on his way to opening a dispensary in his community.

To bring his business to life, he has partnered with MMD Incorporated, a leader in providing safe, legal cannabis to customers through four retail dispensaries in Los Angeles. Their partnership will bring MMD’s first storefront to Northern California, with Jones as Co-Owner and CEO.

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