San Francisco
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An OU education will help graduates thrive. You will benefit from a strong education that prepares you to compete. OU has provided hundreds of scholarships to equity-qualified individuals, some of whom have successfully started licensed cannabis businesses. More have entered the workforce and have risen to leadership; they credit their OU education with empowering their success. Oaksterdam’s certification programs are for individuals changing careers or entering the industry. These programs are suitable for legacy operators to ensure regulatory compliance and industry best practices. 

Oaksterdam University Certifications are recognized and trusted worldwide, providing students multiple career paths and networking opportunities. On completing OU programs, alumni will find themselves prepared to mitigate risks, become self-directed, and will be better able to leverage the opportunities presented by the City of San Francisco Cannabis Equity Program. 

Oaksterdam University will administer educational content and services to VEAs in preparing, training, recruiting, placing, and retaining a diverse cannabis workforce, including transitional workers. OU will use its proven curated-content model and provide expert professional development and workforce training support to employers and job seekers.