Sara Frank


Sara Frank

Marketing Manager

Sara Frank joined Oaksterdam University in 2020. As Marketing Manager, she develops marketing plans across multiple platforms, creates digital ads and content, and generates leads and sales. She also analyzes customer insights, consumer trends, and marketing best practices to create successful campaigns.

With her energetic spirit and penchant for connecting people, Sara specializes in event marketing and execution, most recently coordinating OU’s appearance at MJBizCon, 2021. 

Based in Portland, Ore., Sara studied business, management, marketing, and Information Technology in college. She honed her skills by launching the start-up MealPal; managing events and partnerships for SKP Direct; and working at Lyft, where she began as an Event Lead Ambassador, then rose to Program Manager, helping to launch cutting-edge technology at Portland International Airport that is now implemented on a nationwide scale.

Sara also is the founder and CEO of Impact Marketing, helping clients identify key opportunities to grow their brands. 

While Sara has experience working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, she has a passion for the cannabis industry because it aligns with her core values of uplifting others with a mission.

In her free time, she volunteers with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, empowering her “little” to create positive change in her life. She also has volunteered with Oregon Dachshund Rescue and loves her Mini Dachshund Penelope. 



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