Should You Tip Your Budtender?

January 22, 2024

Many dispensaries keep “tip” jars near the cash registers in the United States. No suggested tip or percentage of the transaction is considered standard, like in other industries. Budtenders should not assume or expect customers to tip, although many will drop their change in the jar or leave extra cash as a token of appreciation for their service.

Outside the US, tipping is uncommon in any industry and is sometimes viewed as an inadequate subsidy for unfair wages. Dispensary owners should pay fair wages rather than expecting customers to supplement them through tips. Budtenders in the US should also be aware that any tips received are taxable and must be reported to the government. It is considered wage theft if dispensary owners or managers take any amount of the tips left for budtenders.

This article is excerpted from The Budtender’s Guide: A Reference Manual for Cannabis Consumers and Dispensary Professionals by Oaksterdam Press.

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