Photo of Tiffany Watkins
Faculty | Legal & Compliance
Tiffany Watkins


Tiffany Watkins is known in the community as LadyCanna. She’s a former IT Professional, working many years as a Network Systems Engineer. She holds degrees in Computer Sciences and Network Infrastructure, as well as multiple certifications.

Her grassroots campaigning and advocacy goes back 30+ years. She’s been heavily involved in patient representation, harm reduction, public policy, and overall community organizing. Her goal is always to elevate and unify the voices of the people in order to make pivotal changes.

2 years ago Tiffany Founded Vanguard Media Online. Vanguard is a media platform and magazine that’s dedicated to Women in Cannabis. She proudly showcase the efforts, innovation and creativity of all Women.

In addition, Tiffany sits on many boards and committees where she helps craft changes in Cannabis policy, public health, and social justice.

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