Horticulture (Self‑Paced)

Horticulture (Self‑Paced)

Certification Program


Know the techniques necessary for growing from seed or clone successfully. Get strategies for working, launching, and sustaining a commercial cannabis operation. Learn cannabis plant science and the entire life cycle of the cannabis plant from propagation to harvest. Understand lighting science and controls, ventilation and CO2 supplementation, and electrical systems.

As soon as you enroll, you can start learning. You’ll have immediate access to all the videos of full lectures with opportunities to sign up and participate in live virtual field trips. Tailor the self-paced course to your schedule: take the mobile-friendly online course anytime, anywhere.

About Our Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced Programs are asynchronous, meaning you may log on and complete the courses anytime, anywhere that is convenient for you. You can access the course online as soon as you enroll.

Programs consist of reading materials developed by our expert faculty, accompanied by videos, texts, and recommended resources.

All self-paced programs include live links to a wealth of information that allow you to dig deeper into subjects of particular interest.

Each program also includes a Virtual Video and Resource Library with corresponding recorded lectures from our faculty.

Self-paced students receive access to virtual field trips, grow labs, the Oaksterdam Alumni Network, and more.

Completion of all requirements results in OU certification.

Certification Program

A certificate of completion may be printed upon successfully passing the final exam and capstone project.

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