Cannabis is Officially Legal in Germany: What you need to know

Germany legalizes graphic

It’s official – adult use cannabis became legal in Germany on April 1st, 2024. Adults 18 and older may now partake in the newly established freedoms created by the implementation of the first pillar of the CanG law.

Oaksterdam is proud to have played a small role in Germany’s legalization. In December, 2022, a German delegation made up of all six parties in the country’s parliament visited Oakland, Calif. to discuss cannabis policy, public health and safety. Oaksterdam University Chancellor Dale Sky Jones helped to host the delegation. At the time, she said she was confident that Germany would eventually legalize adult use cannabis, and that she has high hopes for international trade of the plant.

“I am more heartened than ever that we can not only trade cannabis and hemp like any other commodity across the globe, but that we can do so in a forward-thinking, ecologically, net positive way,” she said.

Now that cannabis is legal, read more about what you need to know from our friends at ICBC here.

A delegation from Germany visits Oakland, Calif.

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