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Dale Sky Jones


Dale Sky Jones has been focused on enhancing the debate for cannabis policy reform since 2007. Based in Oakland, Calif., she took over as president & CEO of Oaksterdam University in 2012 after a crippling federal raid to ensure OU’s legacy of cannabis education. Oaksterdam is proud of more than 100,000 alumni from more than 110 countries becoming the most engaged professional advocates and business leaders globally. Quality training for the cannabis industry is Dale’s passion and the Oaksterdam mission. She believes education is the foundation for establishing the political and social climate to encourage cannabis policy reform.

Dale created the blueprint for cannabis reform as the spokeswoman and legislative liaison for the first statewide legalization effort, the Prop 19 campaign in California, which ignited international debate in 2010. Over the next seven years, she served as Chairwoman of the Board for the diverse Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, whose efforts led to legalization in California. She is a founding board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, currently serving on the NCIA’s Education Committee. She also serves on the Cannabis Advisory Board for Community College of Denver and the advisory boards of Minorities for Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Media Council

Dale is focused on civil rights issues, ensuring social equity in the new cannabis economy. Dale is Program Manager for the Connecticut Social Equity Council Business Accelerator, New Jersey Economic Development Authority Seed Education Program, Los Angeles Social Equity Business Licensing and Compliance Program, Oakland Equity Program and Monterey County GET Program. She believes national cannabis policy needs to address the inequities created by Prohibition by protecting small businesses, which are vital to the industry’s success. Her time is often spent educating legislative and government entities, attending research and policy conferences, speaking at national and international conferences, and participating in debates to encourage descheduling cannabis. 

Dale has appeared extensively in the media and documentaries like American Pot Story: Oaksterdam. She is also the founder of Oaksterdam Nonprofit for Education (The ONE), Wise Education Technologies, Inc., and Oaksterdam Press, publisher of The Budtender’s Guide. and Oaksterdam Cannabis Terminology Style Guide. Dale has contributed to The Cannabis Growers Handbook by Ed Rosenthal and Cannabis vs Marijuana by David Paleschuck.  

Last sentence: Dale and her husband, SCOTUS defendant and cannabis crusader Jeff Jones, stay busy keeping up with their sons, Jesse and Jackson, and daughter, Quinn. Dale serves as Parliamentarian for the elementary school’s PTA.

Dale Sky Jones is available for speaking engagements and press interviews. She can discuss various topics in the cannabis industry, including entering the industry, descheduling marijuana, cannabis law, careers in cannabis, women in cannabis, the science of cannabis, children/teens/parenting, public health & safety, advocacy, and social equity. To inquire, email [email protected]