Governor Newsom Honors Oaksterdam

Photo of California Governor Gavin Newsom
September 27, 2022
California Governor Gavin Newsom honored Oaksterdam University’s rich history with a video message for OU’s 15th Anniversary Event of the Decade. The message played on the big screen at the Fox Theater in Oakland, Calif. before¬†American Pot Story: Oaksterdam, the closing film of the 20th Oakland International Film Festival.

“Congrats to Dale Sky Jones and, of course, the entire team at Oaksterdam University on your school’s 15th anniversary. And of course, the Oakland International Film Festival for two decades as a cultural staple here in the Bay Area,” Newsom says.

Newsom also congratulated New Love Films, producers of American Pot Story: Oaksterdam.

“I remember well being filmed (always awkward) for components of this documentary,” Newsom says. “I remember rolling out with many of you that participated and helped actually draft the Blue Ribbon Commission, which ultimately led us to move forward to begin the process of changing laws, not only in our state, but we think inspiring some laws to be changed all across this country.”

An Important Milestone

Newsom talks about the passage of Prop 64 in 2016 as being a major turning point.

“We simply would not have gotten to where we are today without so many of you. And that’s why I’m here. I just want to express gratitude and appreciation for your leadership, for your stewardship, for your devotion to the cause that unites us,” he says.

Newsom says there is more work to be done to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level, which will allow California farmers to supply the nation, and talks about the importance of cannabis equity, a concept born in the Bay Area.

“We also need to level the playing field and maintain an industry that is as just … and diverse as our state,” he says.

Watch the complete video below.


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