How Do You Know When Cannabis is in the Flowering Stage?

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You’ve chosen your cultivars, planted your cannabis seeds, and nurtured your seedlings as they’ve grown into big, leafy plants. It’s time for the most exciting and nerve-wracking part: the flowering stage. 


Today’s article answers all your basic questions about the cannabis flowering stage. For more information, check out our “Final Stretch” course to ensure you get the most out of your cannabis harvest. 


How to Get Cannabis Plants to Flower

Most cannabis cultivars are photoperiodic crops, which means they won’t just flower when they’ve matured — they need a specific amount of light and darkness to signal that it’s time to begin flowering. They’ll often need your help transitioning from the vegetative to the flowering stage. 


When to Switch Cannabis Plants from the Vegetative to the Flowering Stage

Most plants will be ready to flower after about four weeks in the vegetative stage. Some growers have other schedules they prefer, though, depending on the cultivar, climate, and desired outcome of their crop. A cannabis class will give you insight into what will work best for you and your cannabis plants. 


How to Make Cannabis Plants Flower Indoors

If your growing setup is indoors, you must change the amount of light the plants receive to induce the flowering stage. Allowing your plants more darkness will signal that it’s time for them to flower, but the amount of light and darkness they require will vary slightly based on the cultivar. 


How to Make Outdoor Cannabis Plants Flower

For the most part, when cannabis plants flower outdoors is up to Mother Nature. As the days get shorter in late summer and early fall, the plants will begin to flower naturally. If planting cannabis outdoors, it’s vital to consider your area’s growing season while planning your crops. 


When Will Autoflower Cannabis Plants Flower?

Some cannabis cultivars are known as “autoflower” varieties, which means they are not as dependent on the light and dark cycles. Instead, they will simply flower when they have reached maturity. 


How to Identify the Cannabis Flowering Stage

When cannabis plants enter the flowering stage, they don’t immediately start popping out big, fluffy buds. Knowing the earliest signs of flowering is essential to ensure your plants get proper care. 


What are the First Signs of the Flowering Stage of Cannabis?

You can look out for a few signs that will tell you when your plants have begun to flower. 


Here are the first signs of cannabis’ flowering stage: 

  • Increased Growth: Typically, cannabis plants about to enter the flowering stage will exhibit one final burst of vertical growth, sometimes shooting up to twice their current height in a matter of weeks. This rapid growth creates room for the plant to develop bountiful buds
  • Pre-Flowers: Female cannabis plants will grow “pre-flowers” at the joints between stalks, where the flowers will eventually appear. These flower precursors look like long, light-colored hairs or tendrils. 
  • Pollen Sacs: Male cannabis plants will grow small pollen sacs at the joints between stalks. These look like tiny flower buds or seeds and indicate that the plant will not produce flower. At this stage, growers must separate male and female plants to avoid cross-pollination. 


What Does the Flowering Stage of Cannabis Look Like?

As the cannabis flowers develop, they will begin to look more and more like the buds you know and love. Over the next several weeks, the pre-flowers will give way to buds that swell and become fragrant, the pistils will shrink and darken, and sparkly trichomes will form on the flowers. 


How to Care for Cannabis Plants During the Flowering Stage

Cannabis plants have different requirements depending on their growth stage, the cultivar, the growing conditions, and who you ask. The flowering stage presents its own challenges, so to ensure that your homegrown pays off, taking a class is always a good idea. 


How Long Should Cannabis Be in the Flowering Stage?

Typically, cannabis plants will flower for about eight weeks before they are ready for harvest. The time they need can vary based on the cultivar and the growing conditions, so it’s essential to learn the signs to look out for instead of following a simple schedule. 


Watering Cannabis During the Flowering Stage

Cannabis plants usually need to be watered more often as they flower. Flowering takes a lot of moisture and energy, so it’s especially vital to monitor your cannabis plants during this time to ensure they are getting everything they need without overwatering and promoting mold or mildew. 


Adding Nutrients During the Cannabis Flowering Stage

The nutritional needs of cannabis plants also change during the flowering stage. Fertilizing and adding nutrients can get very complicated very quickly, and the results of improper application can be disastrous. It’s best to learn about cannabis nutrients from professionals like the faculty at Oaksterdam University. 


Touching Buds During the Flowering Stage

It can be tempting to touch your plants to check their growth, smell each unique cultivar, and give them some support. However, it’s best to avoid touching cannabis plants as much as possible, especially once they flower. Touching buds can stress the plants, rub off valuable terpenes, and disrupt their growth. 


Learn to Grow Bud Online and Perfect Your Cannabis Harvest

The flowering stage is where all your hard work growing cannabis starts to pay off, so it’s essential to get it right. Taking a class with Oaksterdam University is the best way to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful cannabis harvest. Sign up for our “Final Stretch” course and start your online cannabis training today.

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