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Apr 14, 2022 | Blog, News

Need fact-checking or experts to review your content before you publish?

More media is reporting on cannabis than ever before, and it is far from a simple subject; more than 80 years of prohibition have muddled knowledge of the plant’s taxonomy, therapeutic use, cultivation, culture, history, law, and scientific study. 

Oaksterdam University is proud to announce our new Oaksterdam Cannabis Content Review Service. We invite any journalist, reporter, writer, or public relations professional to submit their cannabis-related work for professional review. 

Our experts and specialists cover every facet of the cannabis industry and are available to review your content for accuracy, as well as offer in-depth information to advance your work in line with industry trends, technology, techniques, and best practices. 

The launch of Oaksterdam’s Cannabis Content Review Service ensures that communication across the industry is clear, concise, and professional. With roots 50 years deep, our network represents the best and brightest in the industry with knowledge of horticulture, business, law, science, therapeutics, and more. We are happy to help. 

The launch of our Content Review Service coincides with the release of the Oaksterdam Cannabis Terminology Style Guide, the first-ever definitive guide to terminology and usage in the industry.

For more information or to inquire about submitting a piece for review, please contact media@oaksterdamuniversity.com for assistance.

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