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Oaksterdam University provides the highest quality training available to professionals in cannabis and ancillary industries. 

In 2021, America’s legal cannabis industry added 107,000 jobs, an average of 280 new jobs daily. It was the fifth year of job growth at 27 percent or more — the highest rate in the nation. Due to this explosive growth, professionals are in demand. 

We can give you the education you need to enter, advance, or serve clients in the cannabis space with the knowledge that will help you minimize risk and maximize profit.

OU will get you up to speed

Since 2007, we have provided quality, formalized training for the cannabis industry with programs evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of regulation, compliance, control, and technology.



Professionals we help:


  • C-Suite
  • CPAs 
  • Attorneys
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokers
  • Investors
  • Lab Techs, Scientists & Chemists
  • Cultivators and Horticulturalists


Plant-touching or ancillary

Cannabis businesses can be classified as plant-touching or ancillary. Plant-touching businesses handle cannabis or cannabis products directly, whereas ancillary businesses provide services or products that support the cannabis industry without directly handling the plant. 

Whether you are a plant-touching or ancillary professional, Oaksterdam’s certification courses give you the foundation you need to excel.

OU’s certification courses:


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