Oaksterdam x Homegrown = Free Seeds for Students

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Oaksterdam University (OU) is partnering with Homegrown Cannabis Co. to offer complimentary seeds with the enrollment of select Oaksterdam courses. Through this beneficial collaboration, when students sign up for certain classes at Oaksterdam University, they’ll receive free seeds to grow In real-time as they correspond with the class. 

Oaksterdam is the world’s first cannabis college, and Homegrown Cannabis Co. is one of the world’s fastest-growing seed banks. It offers a vast selection of high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with proven stabilized genetics. Oaksterdam is a legacy educational institution that is trusted and offers the premiere cannabis curricula of indoor and outdoor horticulture classes for hobbyists and professionals alike, with cutting-edge courses by faculty with a wide variety of hands-on expertise. This partnership brings the two worlds together to help students grow, thus resulting in a comprehensive one-of-a-kind learning experience. 

Students who sign up for OU Home Grow or Horticulture courses will receive a coupon code to order a free 4-pack of seeds ($78-$88 value) direct from Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s website

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Choose from:

  • Autoflower

    • Bubba Kush
    • OG Kush
    • Purple Kush
    • Sweet Tooth
    • Sour Diesel
  • Feminized

    • Blue Dream
    • Bubba Kush
    • LA Confidential
    • OG Kush
    • Purple Kush
  • CBD

    • OG Kush Feminized
    • Diesel Feminized

Grow as You Go

According to Oaksterdam University Chancellor Dale Sky Jones, the roots of this collaboration grow deep. Oaksterdam published a genetics catalog for years, coveted by cultivators worldwide, and included the Blue Dream and Northern Lights varietals now housed in the Homegrown seed bank.  

“These same cultivars appeared in our famous Oaksterdam Strain Guides, last printed before the federal raid on the Oaksterdam Nursery in 2012. This brings our old school full circle,” Jones says. “We are thrilled to partner with Homegrown to share our old school favorites with new students to start their growing journey.” 

Once the seeds are shipped, students can follow along with the Oaksterdam curriculum and learn to germinate them, sow them in the optimal planting medium, and provide the proper light, water, and nutrients to grow the seeds into healthy plants for a fruitful harvest.

Sense of Success

“There’s a unique satisfaction in growing your own cannabis,” says Horticulture Expert and OU Faculty Jeff Jones. “From watching the first taproot pop and grow into a vibrant vegetating plant, to seeing the fresh flowers bloom with their very special smell, nothing compares to that sense of success.”

OU features award-winning cultivators, recognized business leaders, respected scientists, and passionate advocates that set the standard for the modern commercial cannabis industry. The knowledge gained with this special instruction offering is an opportunity to optimize your cultivation endeavors.

“Homegrown and Oaksterdam? What a great fit!” says Tony Edwards, co-founder of Homegrown Cannabis Co., “This collaboration will help even more people master their craft, to discover the true joy of growing cannabis from seed. We’re absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to get started.”

Sign up for Oaksterdam University Home Grow or Horticulture courses to claim your free seeds and get started growing right away!

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