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All You Need to Work in a Lab or Set Up Your Own

Sales of cannabis edibles, beverages, topicals and other specialty products are growing. Companies are hiring extraction, manufacturing and testing talent to meet demand. This course offers a deep dive into the tools, techniques, and safety procedures needed to work in a lab or set up your own. It is also suited for those who supply biomass to the industry, market or sell cannabis products or work as budtenders.

We demystify the complex process of extracting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from cannabis, and how to transform them into profitable manufactured consumer products. We cover the equipment and methods needed to run labs for light hydrocarbon, ethanol, and CO2 extraction and operate them safely, as well as perform solventless extraction techniques.


Extractions are one of the most challenging and rewarding sectors of cannabis. They allow you to monetize crops that may otherwise have been non-viable and create the opportunity to turn prize-winning cannabis flower into a truly exceptional flavor experience.

In this course, we begin by reviewing the foundations of cannabis, including the history of humans’ interaction with the plant and the policies which govern its production and use. We also review the efforts of the advocacy pioneers who fought for the right to access medical cannabis, and learn more about how we can continue that tradition in our personal and professional lives.

From there, we provide an overview of cannabis extraction. We also discuss how to select the extraction method that is best for the type of product you want to make.
Then, we highlight the defining characteristic of a scientific laboratory — control — and explore why this principle is so important to the safe and effective operation of a cannabis extraction lab.

We explore manufacturing concepts that can be applied in the extraction lab to help you achieve safe products that have a consistent effect, and do so in a cost-effective manner — standard operating procedures, traceability, supply chain management, and production strategies.

We dive into the day-to-day operation of a cannabis extraction lab, identify the roles and responsibilities of the team, and learn how to properly maintain tools and equipment. We then explore strategies for sourcing the primary inputs you will need to produce your extracts — cannabis biomass and extraction solvents.

From there, we go into detail about the three methods of solvent-based extraction — light hydocarbon, ethanol, and CO2. For each, we cover equipment set-up, post-processing techniques, and safety considerations. We walk through each method step-by-step, and discuss the pros and cons.

We finish with a discussion of solventless extractions — ice water extraction and rosin pressing — and explore the types of products you can create with each.

Cannabis Extraction & Manufacturing Topics

Advocacy for the Cannabis Industry

History and Policies of Cannabis

Federal vs State Law

Introduction to Cannabis Extraction

Basic Laboratory Operations

Principles of Manufacturing

Basic Cannabis Extraction Operations

Light Hydrocarbon Extractions

Ethanol Extractions

CO2 Extractions

Solventless Extractions


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