The Horticulture Online course provides the most comprehensive indoor horticultural education available for entering the Cannabis Industry and expanding your personal growth. This course consists of resources, presentations, grow labs, and mastery exercises developed by industry leaders. It is designed for anyone looking to learn everything from seed to harvest. The course will begin with federal V state law, giving you the vital information you didn’t know you needed.  You will learn how to have successful law enforcement encounters, your constitutional rights, and best practices for operating safely and responsibly.

Module 1 : Need to Know

  • Politics & History
  • Federal vs State Law
  • Growing Safely & Responsibly
  • Mastery Exercise 

Module 2 : Starting Off

  • Seeds
  • Cuttings/Clones
  • Mastery Exercise 

Module 3 : Feeding & H2O

  • Nutrients & pH
  • Planting Mediums
  • Methods of Irrigation
  • Mastery Exercise

Module 4 : Hardware and Its Uses

  • Equipment Overview
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical Safety & Load Calculations
  • Mastery Exercise

Module 5 : Growth Cycles

  • Plant Propagation
  • Vegetative Growth
  • Early Flowering
  • Mastery Exercise

Module 6 : Optimal Growth

  • Conditions for Optimal Growth
  • Life Cycle Fundamentals
  • CO2 Supplementation
  • Mastery Exercise

Module 7 : When Things Go Wrong

  • Nutrient Disorders
  • Pests
  • Pathogens
  • Prevention & Treatment
  • Mastery Exercise

Module 8 : The Final Stretch

  • Late Flowering Techniques
  • Harvesting, Manicuring & Drying
  • Mastery Exercise

Final Exam

required for certification

Certification Program

A certificate of completion may be printed upon successfully passing the final exam.

There are no scheduled times. You may complete the modules on your own schedule, and you will have 180 days to complete the course.

Robyn Pierce


Robyn Pierce is from North of Boston, where he started growing cannabis in closets and forests. He graduated UMass Amherst in 2003 with a major in Anthropology and minors in Biology, Latin, and History. He moved to the Bay Area in 2007 to study Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies and quickly began working in one of the first Bay Area cannabis nurseries. He’s run his own nursery, flowering and consulting business, Green Label Nursery, since 2009. His areas of specialization include mother plant and nursery management, the history and archaeology of cannabis and the prevention and treatment of pests and diseases.

Subject Matter Experts who have contributed to developing this course:

Many specialists and scholars have contributed to propagating this course. For those of you who are unnamed, we thank you.