Social Equity Cannabis Brand Launches Scholarships to Oaksterdam

Screen shot of Dale Sky Jones on the newscast.

Dale Sky Jones discusses the REEFORM initiative on High at 9 News (29:00).

OAKLAND, Calif. —
Oaskterdam University and revolutionary cannabis brand REEFORM, a cannabis company with a major initiative, have partnered to provide scholarships and education to help REBUILD the lives of individuals and families impacted by Cannabis Prohibition and the War on Drugs.  
The scholarship program works in tandem with the launch of REEFORM, a premium indoor flower brand created by social justice activist Weldon Angelos in partnership with Glass House Brands. Angelos served 13 years in prison for a non-violent cannabis charge before being released in 2016 after a bipartisan campaign to secure his freedom and shortly after received a presidential pardon in 2020. Since his release, he has fought tirelessly to help those still serving prison time for cannabis-related offenses.

Weldon Angelos, founder of REEFORM, is a hip-hop producer and cannabis reform activist.

He has established The Weldon Project, Mission Green, the REEFORM brand, and now the REEFORM scholarships to do just that.
“Tens of thousands of people are still incarcerated across the country serving cannabis- related sentences, mostly people of color. I received a 55-year sentence for selling less than $1,000 worth of cannabis, and now I am able to sell it legally with the explicit aim of helping those impacted by cannabis prohibition,” said Mr. Angelos. “REEFORM will advocate for the release of those unjustly incarcerated, to help them rebuild their lives and participate in the legal industry post-release and to advance cannabis policy reform.”
The scholarship program seeks to empower those who have faced the challenges of reintegration into society after being released from prison due to drug-related offenses. According to Mission Green, tens of thousands of people are currently serving prison sentences for cannabis-related offenses, even as medical and adult use cannabis is legal in 38 states and counting.
REEFORM Scholarships will be awarded on a quarterly basis to recipients selected by Mission Green along with the Oaksterdam Nonprofit for Education. Scholarships will cover tuition for courses at Oaksterdam, the world’s first cannabis college.
“We firmly believe in the transformative power of education and its ability to break cycles of incarceration, providing opportunities for personal growth, and fostering new beginnings,” said Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University. “Oaksterdam is proud to have its logo on the packaging of REEFORM flower, available in Farmacy, The Pottery and Natural Healing Center (NHC) locations in California, with state and nationwide releases to follow.”
Register for Horticulture or Business of Cannabis here. To apply for a REEFORM Scholarship, clock here. Oaksterdam University’s next live semester starts Sept. 25, 2023.

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