When to Harvest

It is important to know when to harvest so your crop can reach its optimal potency. This month’s tip will give you a brief look at determining when to harvest based on trichome maturity.

Depending on what type of effect you are after, you’ll want to harvest at a specific stage of trichome maturity. As trichomes mature, they will change from clear to cloudy to amber. Their stage of maturity can be inspected with a magnifying glass, jeweler’s/photographer’s loupe, or microscope (we suggest at least x30 magnification). It’s important to note that it may be difficult to tell which stage your trichomes are at due to the fact that not all trichomes mature at the same rate. By looking at multiple areas of the plant, you’ll be able to make an estimate on how clear, cloudy, or amber they are.

By using trichome maturity as an indicator and referring to this chart, you’ll be able to determine when your optimal harvest time is:

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