City of Coachella Cannabis Equity Program

Congratulations on becoming approved by the City of Coachella cannabis equity program! Oaksterdam University (OU) has been contracted by the City to provide professional, business, and financial acumen guidance. An OU education will help you thrive. Our programs are suitable for legacy operators to ensure regulatory compliance and industry best practices. Oaksterdam University Certifications are recognized and trusted worldwide, providing students with multiple career paths and networking opportunities.

We offer customized support.

We want to help you with anything you need to get your business started or meet your career goals. Click here to fill out the short equity applicant survey so we can determine how best to help you.

Enroll now in self-paced courses anytime.

There are courses designed for you, paid for by the City of Coachella. To get you ready to operate a company in this competitive industry, we strongly recommend you enroll in the Business of Cannabis course. Once you complete a certification program you will find yourself prepared to leverage the opportunities presented by the City of Coachella Cannabis Equity Program. Email [email protected] to indicate you would like to be enrolled.

Free courses are available right now!

In addition to the self-paced courses that you have access to as a verified Palm Springs social equity applicant or business, we also offer these courses free of charge that may also interest you: “Seeds”, “Advocacy”, “Cannabis, Pain & the Opioid Crisis”.