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Cannabis Workforce Training and Business Boot Camp Programs

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    About the Program

    About The Program

    The Connecticut Social Equity Council has created the first cannabis equity program to extend technical assistance beyond entrepreneurs to the entire cannabis workforce. Oaksterdam is excited to help meet this moment!

    Click below to learn more about how the SEC and OU can support you on your journey in cannabis:

    Are you interested in getting an entry-level job in the cannabis industry? If you live in a Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA), the Connecticut SEC can provide you with free training and certification to help you get hired and act in your job with confidence. 

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    Have you already worked in the licensed or traditional cannabis market and want to advance in your position to management? Are you considering business ownership but not sure yet? If you live in a Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA), you qualify for free training and certification to help you advance in your career and prepare you for business ownership if that is your chosen path. 

    Online Class

    Did you win a license in the last lottery? Are you interested in this year’s lottery? If you are a qualified social equity applicant, SEC and OU can help you jump-start your business through the pre-lottery boot camps, Cannabis Business Accelerator, and live pitch day hosted in collaboration with the Arcview Group. This rigorous program prepares you to open and sustain a cannabis business in Connecticut and prepare for future federal legislative changes.

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     WHO are Info Sessions For? 

      • Cannabis career seekers: Free entry- and management-level worker training for individuals living in a Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA) with proof of residency.
      • Aspiring cannabis business owners and operators interested in the 2024 cannabis lottery
      • Social Equity Applicants approved in the 2023 cannabis lottery
      • Current cannabis owners and operators
      • Must be 18+ to attend

    Upcoming Info Session

    Wednesday, May 29

    1:30 P.M. (Eastern Time) / 10:30 AM (Pacific Time)

    Live on Zoom

    PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to attend an Information Session to enroll in free programs! CLICK HERE to complete the verification and program registration form.

    Do you qualify as living in a DIA?

      To confirm your residency in a DIA based on your Connecticut residence zip code, follow these steps:

      1. Check your zip code. The Connecticut State Social Equity Council maintains this list, which can be found here if you want to check it yourself first. Enter your address in the search bar on the top left-hand corner of the map. Blue signifies DIA. 

      2. Bring proof of residency: To qualify onsite for free enrollment into educational programs based on your DIA status, please bring two forms of Verification of Residency in a Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA).

      1. A government-issued or college ID card.
      2. A public utility bill with your service address, a lease, rental, or mortgage agreement, a confirmation from the Connecticut State Department of Vehicles, or a verification letter from the Social Equity Council.
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