Horticulture Semester: New & Improved!

Oaksterdam University’s Cannabis Horticulture program is the first and best in the world, and brand new course updates keep it on the cutting edge of this growing industry. We are proud to announce that our live classroom Horticulture Semester program has been completely overhauled to reflect new technology and changes in the market. The new curriculum debuts with our Fall 2021 Semester, which starts on August 11  and is enrolling now.

According to OU Dean of Faculty Natalie Darves, the Horticulture Semester has been extended from 14 to 17 weeks, with an expanded curriculum in the areas of optimal growing conditions, nutrient delivery, integrated pest management, and the latest in lighting options. The class also covers how to navigate complex regulatory systems so you can secure and keep the licenses all commercial cannabis cultivators need.

“All of the curriculum for the virtual semester program is brand new,” Darves says. “This is the next iteration of cannabis horticulture science.”

The extra three weeks allows more time for interactive lectures, virtual field trips, live Q&As, and group work, including a capstone project where students design their own commercial horticulture business based on real-world parameters.

The curriculum revamp was two years in the making, executed by Oaksterdam’s esteemed faculty, including Dean Darves, Horticulture Chair Joey Ereñeta, Horticulture Vice-Chair Dr. Mike Jenkins, Horticulture Instructor Noah Hirsch, and Business Instructor Tara Bonhorst. Together, they generated more than 500 pages of text and supporting materials.

“There are no existing textbooks or resources about commercial cannabis cultivation from an academic perspective. Everything had to be written from scratch. All supporting material had to be drawn straight from the faculty and cannabis cultivation experts,” Darves explains.

The class sets Oaksterdam apart from all other cannabis programs in the world.

“There is no other cannabis horticulture program like ours. It’s science-based, lifecycle-based, compliance-based, ethically-based — we focus on sustainable production through all of our curricula,” Darves says.

Who is it for?

Oaksterdam’s Horticulture Semester is a virtual, synchronous class that meets once per week for two hours, for 17 weeks. It is designed for the following:

  • People who wish to work at a licensed cannabis cultivation facility or start their own.

  • Students around the world who want to get in on the ground floor in states and countries that are moving to decriminalize cannabis.

  • People who want to change careers and begin working in the commercial cannabis sector.

  • Current cultivators who are looking to hone their skills.

  • Farmers and plant scientists in all industries who want to understand more about how to cultivate the cannabis plant.

  • People who are considering starting a licensed cannabis farm.

  • Regulators who are looking to understand more about what cannabis cultivation entails so that they can better structure their regulatory frameworks.

Enroll Now!

Oaksterdam offers our Horticulture Semester three times per year. The next class begins on Aug. 11, 2021 and spots are filling fast. New payment plan options allow you to enroll now and pay later. To learn more or register for our Live Classroom Horticulture Semester, click here.

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