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About Our Program

A Broad Overview of America’s Fastest-Growing Industry

America’s cannabis industry is sweeping the nation, selling $25 billion in products and creating more than 107,000 new jobs last year. In addition to positions directly related to the plant, there is a growing need for cannabis professionals in a wide range of sectors, from real estate, law, and accounting to media, marketing, and sales. A seismic shift is happening now. Our Business of Cannabis program will prepare you to meet the moment. 

The cannabis industry is unlike any other. Oaksterdam’s business program focuses on how the industry operates and the myriad nuances that make it so unique to run a cannabis company in comparison to other types of businesses. It also covers compassionate and informed leadership in the sector.


Whether you are looking to find a job, grow a career, launch a business or invest in one, you will leave this course with a solid grasp on the overall business behind the plant. The program is designed to offer ways to engage in this emerging industry and prepare you for the risks and responsibilities you will face.

We begin by reviewing some of the foundations of cannabis, including the history of humans’ interaction with the plant and the policies which govern its production and use. We also review the efforts of the advocacy pioneers who fought for the right to access medical cannabis, and learn how we can continue that tradition in our personal and professional lives.

We discuss methods of ingesting cannabis and offer a research-based look at its therapeutic effects and potential side effects. We illustrate how the cannabis plant interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. The course then details the various methods of extraction for the purpose of creating cannabis products. We walk through the laboratory processes that isolate cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter. We cover various ways these extracted compounds can be used in products, along with various delivery systems.

After establishing a basic understanding of processing and manufacturing, we turn to how it is grown. We review the primary elements needed to launch and successfully run a commercial cannabis cultivation operation, covering a wide variety of topics such as cultivation science, design, financing, licensing, and regulations.

Then, we cover economic principles as they pertain to cannabis markets, which are heavily influenced by laws and regulations. We discuss the economic benefits and financial barriers the cannabis industry experiences and dive into the burgeoning CBD/Hemp-derived cannabinoid market.

Finally, we take cannabis business models and put it into action, showing you the steps required to launch  an effective and efficient cannabis business. We walk through special licensing and permit acquisition, the value of budgeting and financial management, how to compliantly market and brand cannabis products. The entirety of the Business of Cannabis program incorporates ethical operations, and effective leadership into every learning outcome.

Cannabis Business Topics

Advocacy for the Cannabis Industry

History and Policies of Cannabis

Federal vs State Law

Introduction to Cannabis Science

Safety & Efficacy of Medical Cannabis

Methods of Ingestion and Delivery Systems

Introduction to the Cannabis Supply Chain

Economics of the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Business Licensing

Branding & Marketing

Cannabis Business Risks & Protections

Cultivation Science & Compliance

Business Startup

Business Management

Facility Design Requirements

Cultivation Financial Mangement

Introduction to Extractions

CBD & the Hemp Industry

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