What to Look for in a Cannabis Education

Careers in cannabis are growing. People at all career stages are entering the field and pursuing cannabis education. When choosing a cannabis college or educational path, consider your career goals and the school’s offerings when evaluating which program is right for you.


Evaluating Your Cannabis Career — How To Choose an Education Program

People at every level of their careers are seeking cannabis education to enter and advance within the newly formed industry. Entry-level workers, career-changers already working in cannabis, and seasoned industry professionals transitioning to the field all seek education to prepare them for America’s fastest-growing industry.


Professionals entering the cannabis industry frequently bring valuable transferable skills from other fields. For example, retail experience is helpful for those looking to become a budtender. Cannabis accountants are in demand as businesses keep up with complex and constantly changing financial regulations unique to the industry. Horticulture professionals bring valuable skills into cannabis cultivation, like greenhouse design and soil science. Chemists and lab scientists are in high demand for cannabis extraction and testing lab jobs.


Cannabis careers aren’t necessarily limited to cannabis directly, especially for niche entrepreneurs. Consider innovative and nontraditional ways to apply your skill set in cannabis, such as:

  • Branding expert
  • Chef
  • Delivery driver
  • Event planner
  • Massage therapist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Tour guide


What Are the Best Free Cannabis Educational Resources?

If you are interested in cannabis but not yet ready to commit to an educational program, there are many free resources to help you get started.


An excellent first step is to read blogs or subscribe to the newsletters of any major cannabis publications that spark your attention, such as Marijuana Moment, Weed Week, and MJBizDaily.


To keep up-to-date with educational resources, follow and subscribe to newsletters from cannabis education organizations like Students for Sensible Drug Policy. To subscribe to the Oaksterdam University Newsletter, sign up at the bottom of this page.


If you’re ready to learn more about a topic, free course offerings at Oaksterdam University can help you explore your interests, including:

  • Experience a preview of Oaksterdam University’s online learning system with the free Horticulture Sample Class.
  • For an introduction to cannabis in pain management, consider Oaksterdam University’s free course Cannabis, Pain & the Opioid Crisis.
  • At Oaksterdam University, we believe it is the responsibility of all those interested in the cannabis industry to support advocacy efforts. Learn more about how you can make an impact with our free Advocacy course.


What Types of Cannabis Jobs Require Certifications?

Cannabis certification is a specialized educational credential that sets candidates apart in the industry.


Entry-level workers looking to enter the industry find their start with our Budtending Certification. The live or self-paced program helps you prepare for a career in budtending at a dispensary, one of the most popular entry points into the cannabis industry.


Cannabis chemists and lab scientists are in demand for jobs at extraction and manufacturing labs. A Cannabis Extraction and Manufacturing Certification can help you transfer your skills to a hot career in the growing concentrate industry.


Cannabis industry professionals looking to advance in their careers can also benefit from certification. Horticulture professionals can take their cannabis cultivation career further with our Cannabis Horticulture Certification self-paced program.


Professionals building a cannabis niche business can learn with industry insiders through our Cannabis Business Certification program.


Who Needs a Cannabis Degree?

The cannabis industry needs professionals of all kinds. You’ll meet cannabis professionals with various backgrounds and degrees, including science, business, horticulture, law, and healthcare.


For those interested in transferring credits to a degree program, Oaksterdam has partnered with Golden Gate University to offer students a pathway to an accredited degree. Oaksterdam graduates may transfer up to 18 credits of corresponding OU courses.


Oaksterdam University certification courses and electives can be a great entry point to explore different options. Here are a few examples.


How Can I Get a Degree in Cannabis?

Whether you’re just entering this exciting emerging industry or looking to take your cannabis career to the next level, Oaksterdam has a program for you. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started.

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