Why Cannabis Professionals Need Continued Education

The new year brings a new opportunity to develop your skills. Oaksterdam University’s Business of Cannabis Semester begins January 9, 2023 and is enrolling now. The live course features a capstone project that has students create a business plan lite with guidance and feedback from our expert faculty. We only offer this program once a year, and seats are filling fast. 

In 2021, America’s legal cannabis industry added 107,000 jobs, or an average of 280 new jobs daily. It was the fifth year of job growth at 27% or more — the highest industry rate in the nation. Cannabis businesses can be classified as plant-touching or ancillary. Plant-touching businesses directly handle cannabis or cannabis products, whereas ancillary businesses provide services or products that support the cannabis industry without directly touching the plant.

Professionals to support the exploding cannabis industry are in demand. Learn more about how targeted cannabis education can help professionals transition to the field.


Cannabis Courses for Professionals

Cannabis courses help newcomers transitioning from other fields learn about the unique landscape of the industry. Oaksterdam University offers live and self-paced cannabis certification courses and electives for busy professionals.


Cannabis Real Estate Agents

The National Association of Realtors reports that in states where prescription and recreational cannabis consumption is legal, 35% to 36% of members had seen an increased demand in warehouses, 23% in storefronts, and 18% to 28% in land.

The ability to participate in the hemp and cannabis market is heavily regulated and depends on proper licensure with state or federal authorities. For example, zoning laws may restrict dispensaries from opening in specific locations. Cannabis businesses need real estate agents with specialized knowledge about the unique challenges and pitfalls, such as the “green tax,” where landlords charge a premium when leasing to cannabis businesses.

Real estate agents can learn about the special considerations of cannabis business clients with our Self-Paced Business of Cannabis Certification Course.


Cannabis Accountants

Cannabis businesses face unique accounting challenges due to the plant’s legal standing. As long as cannabis has a federally illegal status, banks are reluctant to offer services to cannabis businesses. An Independent Community Bankers of America poll found that 65% of voters support allowing cannabis-related companies to have access to banking services in states where cannabis is legal. In the meantime, cannabis businesses rely heavily on accountants with specialized expertise in the cash-only industry.


Cannabis accountants must be adept with local and state regulations to ensure businesses comply with laws regulating taxes, licensing, and reporting requirements. Accountants and other financial professionals can learn about the industry’s economics with the Oaksterdam University elective class, The Economics Behind Cannabis.


Lab Techs, Scientists, and Cannabis Chemists

The extraction industry is quickly growing, generating a strong need for chemistry and lab science workers with education and experience. As legalization expands, non-combustion consumption methods, such as dabbing, vaping, topicals, and edibles, are increasing in popularity. All of these products require cannabis extraction.

Extraction technicians work in a lab setting to separate cannabis compounds from the plant. Workers transitioning from other fields, such as lab technicians or analytical chemists, launch their cannabis careers with our Extraction and Manufacturing certification course.


Cannabis Attorneys

Cannabis businesses face singularly substantial risks and penalties related to state law and federal illegal status. State laws vary and are constantly changing. State licensing application caps and requirements necessitate specialized legal counsel.

Cannabis attorneys are needed to represent businesses in this unique niche. Lawyers can learn more about the industry-specific needs of cannabis clients in our Business of Cannabis (Self-Paced) certification course.


Cannabis Investors

The legal cannabis industry, in its infancy, has seen a “green rush” of investor interest. A market research group reported that the global cannabis market is valued at an estimated $20.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $90.4 billion by 2026.

Successful investing depends on understanding the industry’s unique opportunities and pitfalls. Investors learn about the CBD and hemp industry with our elective class CBD & Hemp: Science, Market Trends, and Regulatory Landscape.


Cannabinoid Healthcare Providers

Mainstream medicine is neglecting cannabis consumers. A recent survey published in the Journal of Cannabis Research found that only 18% of participants rated their physician’s knowledge about medical cannabis as very good or excellent, and only 21% were very or completely confident in their physician’s ability to integrate medical cannabis into their treatment.

We have taught healthcare professionals of all kinds, from those wanting to learn about cannabis 101 or dive deeper into the industry. For example, Oaksterdam University elective course offerings include:


Cultivation and Horticulture Professionals

Every business category in the industry relies on the cultivation of cannabis plants. Cultivation and horticulture professionals from other fields transfer skills to America’s fastest-growing industry.

Oaksterdam University offers live and self-paced certification in horticulture in addition to a wide range of elective classes for cannabis cultivation professionals. Following are some of our course offerings for cultivation professionals transitioning into the industry:


OU Has Courses to Take Your Cannabis Career to the Next Level

Oaksterdam University course offerings include certification courses and electives for career changers and busy professionals.

Our self-paced and live courses offer flexible learning that fits your schedule. Real-world virtual field trips take students through cultivation operations, dispensaries, ancillary services, and more. Oaksterdam University’s faculty and reputation are unparalleled, and our alums benefit from continued network connections.

An excellent place to start for Cannabis 101 is Foundations of the Cannabis Industry – Oaksterdam University. Certification courses include budtending, horticulture, extraction, and business.

Oaksterdam University courses offer everything you need to know to transition to the cannabis industry. Earn your Oaksterdam credentials at your own pace with our self-paced course. Learn more or speak to an advisor now. 

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